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October 10, 2017

Hallways at Pierce

Yates Bellamy, Staff Writer

May 31, 2017

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Hallways, a place to travel from one class to the next, a place to converse with friends, a place to grab a drink or go to the bathroom. Hallways, a place that we need to be respectful of and keep clean.   Hallways are great for tr...

Locker Keys For Students?

Chelcie R., Staff Writer

March 29, 2017

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Should Pierce students be allowed to have keys for their locker?  Ever since Pierce has installed locks on their lockers, students have faced two major problems; locker jams and forgetting the passcode.  A locker jam happen...

How To: Maintain Fabulous grades, Extracurricular activities, & A Fantastic Social Lfe

Fiona O., Staff Writer

March 8, 2017

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Alright, first off let me just say how grades and homework can be stressful enough, not even taking into account maintaining enough time to spend it with friends, but my young friends, let me introduce you into my ways, tips,...

A Sprinkle of Self-Love

Regan K., Editor in Chief

March 8, 2017

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 When I was 8 years old, my mother told me that my body was only my outer shell, and what matters is the person you are on the inside. Being a young child, you can be the most confident kind of person you can ever be. You ca...

Should phones be allowed in school?

Lilly F.

March 6, 2017

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Should phones be allowed in school? That is the question many teachers may ponder over. Phones may be a disturbance in school but also they can help with online tests, quizzes and, activities. There are many reasons phones may be ...

Guide To: Fitness & Health

Fiona O

January 17, 2017

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Okay, so right off the bat this story seems, boring, common, and totally not useful. But just trust me, everyone, and I mean literally everyone, including me, has felt insecure or unfit about their bodies. That is okay. It’s no...

Top 5 Kids Movies of All Time

Raina Z.

January 12, 2017

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Movies are the best thing to do when you are stuck at home with nothing to do, but what if you can’t find anything to watch. According to Rotten Tomatoes these are the best kids movies. Lay back and watch the top 5 kids movies...

News is Bad for You

Claire G.

January 12, 2017

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News is like sugar to the mind.  It is easy to read and follow because it uses absolutely no thinking at all, just like sugar tastes good and is digested easily but causes diabetes.  People are now starting to realize how tox...