Surviving All Out Nuclear Fallout

Harrison Balfour, Staff Editor

March 6, 2020

The United States has 3,800 working nuclear warheads, Russia has 1,600. This amount of Nuclear warheads is enough to destroy the world. Keep in mind I am not counting all the other countries with nukes. Today, I will be discuss...

Why Teenagers Aren’t Sleeping

January 11, 2019

Most teenagers suffer from sleep loss after convincing themselves they will shut off their devices after responding to one more text, or winning one more round, ending up with only two-to-five hours of sleep per night. But this is...

What to do in Case of a School Shooting

Natalie Guerro, Staff Writer

March 6, 2018

 A total of 18 school shootings have occurred within 2018, and we are just three months into the year. These issues have become more and more prominent since 1999, when the first major school massacre occurred. People in ou...