Hairspray Jr.

Sophia S.

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Pierce Middle School performed  the musical Hairspray on November 21 and 22, and here is the people that worked hard to make the show and practiced a lot.

Cast List
Tracy Turnblad Audrey Leo
Corny Collins Andrew Fleming
Edna Turnblad Cate Christinidis
Penny Pingleton Gabriela Moncivais
Velma Von Tussle Maya Petropoulos
Amber Von Tussle Melody Balos
Link Larkin Billy Beardslee
Seaweed J Stubbs Miles Dearing
Little Inez Stubbes Shontarra Wilkins
Motormouth Maybelle Chloe Kelly
Prudy Pingleton Julianna Brenner
Brad – Council Member Elliot Gunnell
Tammy – Council Member Katherine Bsharah
Fender– Council Member James Meyer
Sketch– Council Member Josh Eckert
Shelley– Council Member Elaina Calisi
IQ– Council Member Noah Eckert
Brenda – Council Member Tori Huffman
Lou Ann– Council Member Evelyn Pacifici
Noreen– Council Member Kylie Stackpoole
Doreen– Council Member Nicola Troschinetz
Wilber Turnblad Kerrigan Dunham
Principal Will Crader
Lorraine Nia Rahmaan
Gilbert Cameron Jackson
Mr. Pinky Barrett McKowen
Dynamites -3 Allison Frazer, Emmie Rieth,Carolyn Shrader
Gym Teacher Adriana Agosta
Cindy Watkins Cara Carswell
Matron Quinn Sahutske
Beatnik Chick Rachel Kostrzewa
Male Guard Austin Detweiler
Newscaster voice over Ben Pidgeon

Gabriela Moncivais, who played Penny Pingleton, said that in all they worked about 10 weeks of hard work to get the show done and finish by the deadline. They practiced Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. For the show she said she was more excited than nervous. The excitement overpowered the nervousness she said.  Penny Pingleton was the perfect role for her because she could relate to how caring and nice she was to everybody. Gabriela wouldn’t change a thing about the show because she said it was perfect and all her castmates were nice and funny. Everybody worked so hard for this show. The props and furniture pieces were nicely painted and set together. 75 people worked on this show including crew and cast. It was a big hit and everyone loved.

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Hairspray Jr.