Get ready, 8th graders. This is your new territory.

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Our 8th graders are moving away. But don’t cry yet,we still have one year left. How are our little 8th graders going to go to that massive school? We interviewed Caitlin, a former Pierce student, who went through the same transition that will change your every-day life. High school.

How often are tests?

Caitlin: ”You can have one to two tests a week, but not in each class. In each class, you have a test about one every two weeks, except in math, that’s once a week.”

What is the most challenging part of switching schools?

Caitlin: “Being able to find your classes, and adjusting to extra hour.” (There are seven periods.)

What are the differences you see in classes?

Caitlin: “Faster paced and a lot more challenging, each class has homework every night.”

What helps you when you are stressed with work and tests?

Caitlin: “Just to step back and take a deep breath, get a snack, then come back with a fresh mindset.”

How much (average) homework do you get?

Caitlin: “It can be anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the day.”

What activities do you recommend?

Caitlin: “Any thing that you are interested in, you have many options and you can do a lot of cool things anywhere from robotics the south newspaper.”

Do you already know what career you want?

Caitlin: “I have a general idea, but you still have time to decide, it’s not a rush.”

What are AP classes?

Caitlin: “AP classes are college credit courses, and CP courses are college preps. You can use AP classes in college as credits.” (You need so many credits to graduate.)

What classes do you think are most fun?

Caitlin: “Language and electives are most fun because they are your desicion of what to do.”

We hoped this interview helped you, and gave you some information on South. Get ready, 8th graders!

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Get ready, 8th graders. This is your new territory.