Getting Sick

Sophia S.

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  Getting sick is an awful thing, and kids are mainly the ones who get sick. At school, there are so many germs and viruses going around, and kids don’t think to wash their hands before they eat or come home from school. People forget to wash their hands after they blow their nose or cough into their hands. The flu vaccine is a good way to prevent it. Facts show that it takes two full weeks to have the medicine kick in. If you are exposed to the virus before you get the vaccine you are more likely to get sick.The season you should be most worried about for getting the flu or being sick is early October and as late as May. Getting sick isn’t just the flu, there are many other illnesses that have the same symptoms.Many people have allergies, coughs, and the simple cold. Allergies are the worst, but most people don’t have them. Allergies can make you go through two boxes of Kleenex, but luckily allergies aren’t contagious. Allergies are caused by overactive immune system. Some symptoms of allergies are runny nose, sore throat, and watery eyes. The simple cold is a very common sickness and it is contagious. People are out of work and school because of it. Symptoms include sore throat, fever, and body chills. A virus spreads through tiny, air droplets that are released when the sick person sneezes, coughs, or blows their nose. There are so many ways to prevent getting sick. Wash your hands every time you eat and come home from anywhere that interacts with other people. Cover your nose when you sneeze or cough to prevent anyone else getting sick too. Stay home when you’re feeling sick. It’s putting other people at risk and it’s not going to be fun for you going somewhere when you aren’t 100% healthy. Getting enough sleep will help your immune system fight off infections and illness. Being 100% healthy is the best, and you want to keep yourself and others feeling healthy too.

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Getting Sick