Everett Kielt, Staff Editor

Covid-19, more commonly known as “Coronavirus”, is infecting thousands across the world and is infecting more everyday.  As of today, Friday March 6th, there are a little over 100 thousand people infected worldwide, and 130 are infected in the U.S alone.  Also, with the death toll coming to 3408 (a 6% mortality rate), this virus’s mortality rate can be compared to a lower respiratory infection. 

The Coronavirus classification is debatable. Some scientists believe the Coronavirus is an epidemic (which is an above average increase in affected population of a specific region), or if it is a pandemic (which is when the infected population includes several countries with a large number of infected people.)  

The Coronavirus came onto the “radar” in late 2019 when the CDC established a COVID-19 Incident management system.  Since then it has had the world “spotlight”, with hundreds of news stories being published every day.  In the span of almost two months, the Coronavirus has almost hit 100,000 infected worldwide. The first cases began popping up in Wuhan, China and is thought to have started infecting humans through infected food being sold in a market.  

Symptoms of the Coronavirus are similar to the flu, with common symptoms being fever, coughs, and trouble breathing.  However, in more severe cases, people that have contracted the Coronavirus may experience pneumonia, kidney failure, and even death.

Coronavirus can be spread when people cough or exhale and other people come into contact with contaminated objects.  This is especially scary for cities where people unknowingly touch hundreds of objects a day.