Amazon opens its first full-sized cashier-less grocery store

Gabby Vosburg, Staff Editor

Amazon is aiming to kill the supermarket checkout line by making a cashier-less grocery store. This new cashier-less grocery store is called Amazon Go. Amazon Go opened in Seattle on February 25, 2020. It has roughly 5,000 items including fresh produce, meats, alcohol, freshly baked goods, and seafood. 

Amazon has been working on this project for 5 years now and have finally completed this new store. What you do is you download the amazon app and scan the QR code on your phone when you walk into the store, then you can purchase anything you want. Once you scan the QR code it automatically charges your Amazon account so you don’t have to get out any money or credit cards. The store did hire a dozen workers to stock shelves and to help customers get what they are looking for or answer their questions. 

Every item is priced individually, meaning no weighing required for produce, for example. For example, bananas are 19 cents each and avocados are 49 cents. The store also includes a self serve coffee bar.  The store is still smaller than the typical US store but they have just started this new grocery store idea so they will probably be expanding more stores across the US and making them bigger. 

Since Amazon has taken its time to get its own cashier-free technology up to speed, rivals have had more time to swoop in and mimic it, analysts have said.