Benefits of Reading

Benefits of Reading

Abhi Sharma

Cecile Walsh, Editor In Chief

Dr. Suess’s birthday is on March 2nd, and because of this, March has been proclaimed National Reading Month with the urge to inspire more Americans to read. Reading has many benefits, even if you don’t particularly enjoy reading, the benefits far outweigh the cons. 

Reading can lower your stress by pulling you away from stressful day-to-day tasks, intriguing you with a magical heroine, or pulling you in with dystopian societies and socially awkward main characters. It is also proven to physically remove stress by up to 68%! It lowers your heart rate and eases tension in your muscles, and even works better than many common stress-relieving mechanisms such as listening to music or drinking freshly-brewed tea. 

Another benefit of reading is its affect to improve memory. Because reading creates new memories, the brain creates connections between neurons and makes existing ones stronger. Each book causes you to memorize new plotlines, characters, backstories, and more, basically training your brain to remember new things. Similarly to memory, reading increases your focus abilities. In order to read successfully, no less than 100% of focus has to be put on the words in front of you in order to focus, at least for most people. This trains your brain to focus for longer and tune out outside distractions. 

Reading allows us to escape and become someone else for a while. Our fears and worries disappear and we are engulfed in someone else’s, letting us not worry about the test we took earlier that day, or our little siblings who keep driving us crazy. Reading helps us escape. 

Books about those who have struggled more than us and have had a harder life can make us humans more empathetic and caring about those who have less than us. Some books are true eye openers about the struggles of everyday life for some people and have showed people how sometimes we take things for granted. 

If you aren’t as good at socializing as others, reading may help with that. Books give us a topic to talk about and feel passionate about. Talking to new people can be scary, especially if you are an introvert. The books you’ve read give you a chance to talk to people about them and interact with those who have read the same book and may have the same opinion, whether good or bad. 

Reading is enjoyed by many people around the world, and because of social media and more streaming sites, the popularity of books is fading. Reading is fun, stress-free, gives us a whole new world of perspective, gives us conversation topics and more.