The Next Smash Bros DLC Fighter

John Kipfmueller, Staff Writer

Super Smash Bros Ultimate now has the wave 1 DLC (Downloadable Content) finished with the last fighter being a disappointment to most fans, being Byleth because it’s the game’s 8th Fire Emblem character and who has ended DLC pack 1, with a whimper. Reports state that the main character from Doom, Doom Guy may be the next Smash Ultimate fighter if the report is true. Fans of the game series Devil May Cry say that Dante may be the next character however Dante’s chances have decreased. 

Another candidate may be another Pokemon character to promote Pokemon Sword and Shield and it’s DLC The Isle Of Armor and Crown Tundra but whether it be a starter or a Pokemon in the DLC is a toss up (However I would love for the Pokemon Fighter to be Dracovish). 

Another character is Steve from Minecraft and the reason is Minecraft is Microsoft’s most popular game and it does have a presence on the Nintendo Switch. 

One More character could be Sora from Kingdom Hearts and it could work well but Sora is in a weird gray area because if Sora were to be adapted Nintendo may have to deal with Disney, one of Kingdom hearts co-owners the other being Square Enix.  

The next characters are the characters we know will probably not be in Smash. Waluigi has a lot of fans who probably want him to be in Smash mainly because, Wario, his brother, is in Smash, however Nintendo has come out and said “Waluigi will never be in Smash”.

 Another character is Sans from Undertale. He won’t be an actual fighter; a Mii costume is probably the closest we’ll get to him being smash, despite his popularity and the same logic applies to Cuphead from, Cuphead. 

One more character who probably won’t be in smash is Master Chief from Halo who personally I want mainly because Halo was one of the first games I ever played, and the main reason he won’t be in smash is because they can’t easily adapt him into Smash because he has an Assault Rifle in all of his artwork and game series so that would make it hard for an easy adaptation while keeping the statement For Kids 10 And Up.