Facial Recognition Gone too Far

Facial Recognition Gone too Far

Hailey Satler, Staff Writer

Hoan Tan-That, the founder of Clearview AI, has created an app that can  recognize your face. Hoan said the app is a “search engine for faces.” Hoan Tan-That has probably collected billions of photos from all over the media, from Facebook to Google, even Twitter. Hoan claims that more than 600 hundred law enforcement agencies in both the US and Canada are using his app, but it’s unclear how many have actually paid for it.

Hoan does understand why people would

be concerned. He claims the information gathered is only publicly available information, so if you’re in a photo on the internet, even if it’s not your account they can find that photo. He says the app, “ is to help law enforcement solve crimes.”    

  New Jersey Attorney General, Gurbir Singh Grewal, is deeply disturbed about the massive database of images, and how little privacy the app provides. Gurbir even was concerned that Clear View was tracking Law Enforcement searches. He doesn’t fully oppose facial reaction technology. He believes,  “Facial recognition can be used properly, if we understand how the database was created.”