Bribes, Lies, and Corruption- The College Admissions Scandal

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Bribes, Lies, and Corruption- The College Admissions Scandal

Jane Kuhlein, Staff Writer

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What was the College Admissions Scandal? What happened? When? How?


These are some of the questions thousands across the nation, and you, might be asking about the recent college admissions scandal in which fifty were prosecuted, including actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman. All fifty people have been accused of paying millions of dollars in bribes to university coaches, SAT proctors, and school administrators for guaranteed spots at prestigious universities for their children. These parents were able to pay through an organization headed by William Singer. The organization he created gets children into the best colleges in the country. Singer does this by faking test results, getting the students extra help on the tests, photo shopping children’s’ faces on other athletic students, and faking other sports awards to trick the admission staff.

William Singer’s organization puts a lot of thought into getting the best test results possible. One way that this organization fakes students’ test results is by claiming that they have learning disabilities. People with learning disabilities get extra time on their test in an alternate location. When the students go to the alternate location, the test proctors basically give them the answers. A second way they fake test scores is by paying off the test proctors. This organization pays off a couple of test proctors, so that when the student turns in their test the test proctors changes the answers to the correct ones.

Athletic scholarships are also given to get into these esteemed colleges. This organization puts false sports awards on students’ applications to show the admissions staff that they are really good at a certain sport. To back up the claim, they also photo shop the students faces on other students playing these sports. (As seen in this picture.) The organization is also known for bribing the coaches of rowing teams, soccer teams, water polo teams, you name it. What this organization and the people paying for it have done is illegal, it’s full on fraud.

A fragment taken from the charging documents, photo from the New York Times. A child of one of the accused was photo shopped onto a water polo varsity star.

William Singer has pleaded guilty, knowing full well what he has done. Many people have been accused of helping, accepting bribes, and paying for this organization.  

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