True Jedi: Lightsaber Fighting is now a Sport

True Jedi: Lightsaber Fighting is now a Sport

Luc Michaud, Staff Writer

In France, the French Fencing Federation has officially recognized lightsaber fighting as a competitive sport. If you’ve ever wanted to fight like the Jedi Knights in the Star Wars movies, your dreams can now be fulfilled.


To participate in the sport, competitors must use an LED polycarbonate stick as a lightsaber. These obviously won’t be capable of slicing an opponent in half, but they do have the same characteristics as the lightsabers that the Jedi Knights use in the movies. Thanks to Star Wars books, movies, and video games, the sport is well publicized.


Although competitive lightsaber fighting may sound silly, there are some rules that the “Jedi” must follow. Contestants must wear masks and armor for protection, and follow strict guidelines as to where they can hit opponents. A hit to the head or body is worth five points, hits to the arms or legs are worth three points, and hits to the hands are worth one point. The first competitor to score fifteen points wins. In order to score points, the “Jedi” must swing the sword behind them like the Jedis in the films originally created by George Lucas.


Hopefully, this sport will also help with a growing world epidemic, childhood obesity. In theory, lightsaber fighting will get children up and moving, while still having fun.Kids of all ages can participate in this new sport, and little kids can learn how to use the lightsabers from older “Jedi Knights”.


So far, the sport only has a few hundred participants, but is gaining followers quickly. However, don’t expect lightsaber fighting to be an Olympic sport anytime soon….