AMBER Alerts

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AMBER Alerts

Logan Detweiler, Staff Writer

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Have you ever gotten a text that says “AMBER Alert” and wondered what it is? Well, it’s an emergency response as a result of an abducted or missing child, and it has helped recover 941 abducted children (as of October 2018). AMBER stands for America’s Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response. These alerts are a very useful tool for the police in getting civilians to step forward if they have seen anything relating to the alert. But in many cases, the abductor releases their abductee as soon as they hear an AMBER Alert, which makes the program very effective.

If you get an AMBER Alert on your phone, you should be on the lookout for someone of their description, but do not be worried. People are likely already working to find the child and return them to safety. Do your part by just being aware of the AMBER Alert and watching out for anything suspicious matching the alert’s description. These AMBER Alerts are not there to annoy you or hurt you, but to protect you and your community from dangerous people.


Answers for your questions-


Q: Are AMBER Alerts used in all of the US?

A: They are used in all 50 states, and are even used in some other countries.


Q: Are AMBER Alerts used for all missing children?

A:They are not used in all cases, only when AMBER criteria is met.


Q: What are some mediums AMBER Alerts are presented through?

A: They can often be presented through TV and radio, ads on the Internet, highway signs, and your mobile phone.