You Should Read the Book Before Seeing the Movie


Katie Steiner, Staff Writer

Everyone needs the motivation to read a good book once in a while. What better than the idea of being able to see the movie when you’re done? This is only one of the many perks of reading the book before seeing the movie. Need some more convincing? Here are three more reasons to take into consideration.  


Perhaps the most important part of a good story line is the characters involved. Reading the book allows you to create your own image of each character using the description provided. On top of straying away from the book’s original description of a character, movies are prone to leaving out characters who might have been important to the story’s plot line.


Whether it’s due to the budget issues or time restrictions, movie producers are often required to shorten the length of a story, and sometimes leave out specific details. Unfortunately, many of our favorite events have been chopped from the movies. On the other hand, books have no limits as to what they include. Books are filled with loads of details, important or not. The movie never tells the full story, therefore, you have to read the novel in order to fully understand the story line.  


Taking the time to sit down and read a genuinely good book is a very healthy past time. Doing this often can also develop great analytical strategies. Plus, the feeling of finishing a book (or series) is a great sense of accomplishment. Reading the book first also rules out the chance for friends to spoil the movie, considering you already know how it ends!


So, next time you plan on skipping the book, consider what you might be missing out on.  You won’t want to waste an opportunity to find your new favorite novel. Trust me, there’s nothing better than the joy of reading a good book, followed by the excitement of seeing the movie afterwards.