New Changes At Pierce


Jack Lynch, Staff Writer

In November, the Grosse Pointe Public Schools Bond Proposal was passed, and with this passing comes many new changes and improvements to our school. In fact, starting this year, Pierce will be making new improvements in order to better the technology, safety, and overall environment of our school. To do this, Pierce will change things like computer software, architecture, and lighting.


In the beginning, these will only be minor changes. New devices will be installed, as well as new and different software, in order to better the school’s technology and become a more wireless school. Next year, the sixth graders will be instructed to bring in their own devices, which are most likely better than the Chromebooks.


Later on, Pierce will also acquire brand new security cameras in the hallways and outside of the school. In order to put in these new cameras, most likely all of the hallway ceilings will be lowered. This raises the question: Why must the ceilings be lowered for cameras and lights in the first place? If the ceilings are lowered, it will be much easier to run and manage all of the cables and wires from the T.Vs, lights, and cameras through the larger ceiling space.


New lights will also be installed in the hallways and in some of the classrooms. Installing new lights will be cheaper than maintaining the current lights that have already been worked on for years. They are also easier and more efficient to use.


Perhaps the most exciting change coming to Pierce is this last update, which will take place in the summer of 2020. As a grand finale, Pierce will be constructing a brand new front entrance! Though this entrance will not be constructed for a long time, many students will still be here to see the new cameras and lights, as well as have access to the newly installed technology.