World’s Longest Sea-Crossing Bridge Opens between Hong Kong and China

Pablo Delgado-Perez, Staff Writer

The world’s longest sea-crossing bridge has been constructed and now connects Hong Kong and Macau to Zhuhai, a mainland city in China, stretching 34 miles ( 55 kilometers ).


The bridge required 20 billion dollars to produce, used 40,000 tons of steel, and was built to withstand a category 8 earthquake. The bridge took nine years to build, and sadly, it also took the life of 7 workers, with another 275 injured during construction.

The purpose of the bridge is to create a Greater Bay Area, encompassing 11 cities and more than 68 million people across southern China.

However, conservation experts fear the bridge could lead to a decrease in endangered Chinese white dolphins, but in response to this concern, extra marine parks will be created to protect aquatic life. Also, critics of the Chinese government in Hong Kong fear the bridge will bring the city closer to Beijing’s influence.