Lexus Velodrome Opens In Detroit, Free For Kids

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Lexus Velodrome Opens In Detroit, Free For Kids

Luc Michaud, Staff Writer

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Located on Mack Avenue in Detroit, Michigan, is the Lexus Velodrome- a circular bicycle racing track that is pitched on a 50-degree angle in the turns and 15-degrees in the straightaways. In the last decade or so, these high tech cycling tracks have been taking the world by storm with special racing gear and a unique terrain. Bikes at the Lexus Velodrome are fix geared, with no breaks.

The junior program at the velodrome has been described by cyclists and critics as phenomenal. The Lexus Velodrome provides bikes, helmets, and shoes for juniors. The youngest kid to ride the track is only 4 years old, while the oldest cyclist on the track is 83! The Detroit Fitness Foundation, which runs the velodrome, had eight young bicyclists attend the USA Cycling Junior National Track Championships in Pennsylvania, which started on July 6. This year they plan to have a team of 15-25 juniors going to Junior National Track Championships which will take place in Carson, California.

Over the summer of 2018, the Detroit Fitness Foundation granted the velodrome money to run a cycling camp. Managers of the velodrome are planning on running the camp again next summer, but this time the camp will be free for children. The sessions are set up for different levels of experience. For example, 9-11 a.m. is for ages 3-5 and has been dubbed the “Learn to Ride a Bicycle” camp. Noon to 2 p.m. is for ages 6-11 for “Learn to Ride a Track Bike” camp, and 3-5 p.m. for ages 12-17 for “Learn to Ride/Race the velodrome” camps. The Lexus Velodrome is looking for a future Olympian, could it be you?


The Lexus Velodrome is one of the highest developed velodromes in North America and is also home to some of the fastest racing on the continent. Cyclists from all over the country come to the velodrome to race on Saturday nights. These races are recorded for PBS and other local news stations.


Interested in watching a race? The Bike Show Revolution, one of the biggest races of the year, will be going on from December 7-9. After that is the Holiday Whirl, from December 27-29.

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