Pro Boxers Manny Pacquiao and Adrien Broner Set Date for Fight

Paul Wilson, Staff Writer

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Manny Pacquiao, age 39, and Adrien Broner, age 29, are scheduled to fight on January 19, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Broner has been trash talking Pacquiao at almost every press conference, stating he will quote, “put him to sleep, without Nyquil.” Despite this, Pacquiao has kept a straight face, not talking back and avoiding arguments. Despite his trash talking, Broner has shown some respect for Pacquiao by remarking that Pacquiao is a no doubt a “hall of famer”.  Pacquiao is primarily fighting for respect, not for money or fame, he simply wants to gain respect.

Many people are saying Pacquiao will no doubt win this fight, and defend his world title successfully. Despite the fact that Pacquiao hasn’t had a fight in some time, Adrien Broner has had two recent fights in a manner of months, which resulted in one tie and one loss.  Such poor performances may harm Broner’s confidence, especially since he is fighting a Division Eight World Champion.

This fight may not have the most hype right now, but with such talented boxers fighting, it is guaranteed to be entertaining, will be remembered by boxing fans for years to come.

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