Schoharie Limo Crash

Nick Pierce, Staff Writer

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Saturday, October 6th, 2018, tragedy struck the town of Schoharie, New York, as a limo carrying 18 people barreled into a parking lot, striking 2 pedestrians and an empty SUV. Among the dead were friends, newlyweds, parents, and siblings. Nauman Hussain, the manager of Prestige Limo, and owner’s son, was arrested for negligent homicide. He had received a notice to take the limo off the road, yet refused to comply with state demands. The driver also didn’t have a proper license.

The crash has raised concerns over the lack of regulations involved in building a limo. The process goes something like this: they take a car, cut it in half, add a new midsection, and put it back together. During that process, many vital safety features are cut in half, rendering them useless.

The limo company also had over 80% of its vehicles declared “not roadworthy” by the state. The maximum amount for a company to be able to operate is 20%, yet NY state did absolutely nothing to shut down Prestige!

All things considered, this massacre could probably have been avoided, if it wasn’t for Nauman’s greed, but we’ll never know.

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