Our New Changes At Pierce Middle School

Lilly Hoover, Staff Writer

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     You’ve seen some of our new changes at Pierce so far. We know that all of us have a lot of questions. But our new teachers and staff  are trying to make Pierce a better place. Your schedules are probably complicated, for example “I don’t know what I have for lunch on Tuesdays or Mondays” you might say to yourself. You can look the days you have lunch on the TV’s on B and A days.

You might have gone on Schoology our new program for  students teachers, and parents. This program is for your grades just like pinnacle, I know that Schoology might be confusing at first, but after awhile you will get use to it. I like Schoology because it shows a calendar of when your tests, quizzes, and homework is due they also have many other helpful things on this new program.

Now, you have probably noticed some new and beyond staff and teachers at Pierce like Ms. Duffield, Mrs. Davenport, Mrs. Churray, Senorita Partlasis, Ms. Husk, and our new principal Mrs. Dirkse. They are all very stunning teachers, as is our new principal. We also have a very marvelous new counselor Ms. Kadjan.

Firstly, I asked our new math teacher Ms Husk, “ Are you excited about this school year?”   “Very excited!  It’s exciting to be at a new school and meet all of my new students.”

Then I asked Ms Davenport our new 6th grade English teacher . “How do you feel about our new schedule?” “I taught elementary for most of my career, so a middle school schedule was a change for me.  I learned the schedule right along with my 6th graders. We are all rocking it now!”

Finally, I asked our new Spanish teacher Señora Partalis, “How do you like Pierce so far?” “ Pierce is great! Everyone is friendly and the students are super-helpful and kind!”

Pierce, how do you feel about our new schedule and staff?

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Our New Changes At Pierce Middle School