Black Friday

Keira Collins, Staff Writer

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Black Friday is that time of the year where you get all the great deals and all, but is it really worth your time? Last year 10 people have died and 111 injuries had happened, but what were they about? One of the deaths happened as a man was just checking people out and a angered couple came up to the employee and stabbed him. One incident happened at a Costco where a man stabbed a Costco-co worker. Two incidents happened where at Zanesville at a Joanns people committed suicide at the closing of the store.  

Many deals you can find better at different times of the year, some deals are even better after Christmas on Super Bowl Sunday. Black Friday used to be the biggest, most hyped, kickoff to the shopping season, but a lot of stores are starting deals early this year for the consumers attention.  Many people also go shopping for deals two days before Christmas, for many of the shopping deals are still going on to get customers to still by things before Christmas Eve. RetailNext is predicting that the biggest shopping time will in fact be December 23 this year. Lots of the deals are also online, and many people don’t want to wake up early just to get the “deals” at their local mall. Why wouldn’t you just shop at home? You can avoid being injured by ordering online to. Many people stay home just so they don’t have to watch people fight, and get mad at each other for taking something they wanted. This year it is predicted that nearly 70% plan to shop online than in store this year. Countless shoppers are planning to shop on Cyber Monday instead of Black Friday. U.S News shared that Black Friday isn’t even the cheapest shopping day of the season. Otherwise, days leading up to Christmas is the cheapest days to shop, and that Black Friday is a waste of the hype. According to research 31% of shoppers say that they wait and make a conscious effort to wait, and watch for upcoming ads to snag them.  

So 47% say that they won’t be shopping at all this year, on Black Friday. Only 53% say that they will be shopping during the Black Friday season.  So do you think you will be shopping on Black Friday?

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