Mars One Mission

Kiera Collins, Staff Writer

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About 66 million years ago humans inhabited Earth, and made it their home. But by the time of 2031 NASA will be sending out their crew one to start building a settlement on Mars. This year NASA started training their crews to get ready for the departure in 2031. In the year 2021 NASA will have a demo mission, that will include the following: a live stream from Mars to Earth, a water extraction experiment to make sure that you can extract water from the Martian soil.

The Mars One mission is a very complex mission, especially because they are building a permanent settlement before the crew gets there. Hardware tools, the crew might need will be sent years ahead of the mission. All the supplies made will be made by third party suppliers and in their factories. Mars one will not be developing any of the supplies made for the mission. The Mars one workers have gone all over the world to discuss the requirements for the mission, and the budget for the mission. The Mars landing module will withhold and carry, life support units for breathable air, it will also carry food units, solar panels,and other components to sustain life on Mars. Two rovers will be sent to Mars to explore the surface of Mars to see where the most relevant spot to start the settlement. All astronauts going on the mission must at all times wear Mars suits on the atmosphere of Mars. The suits used on the mission shield the crew from extreme weather and temperature, and the thin air.

Space flight is like climbing Mount Everest which is a very big hassle. Mars One could be a failure and loose quite a few human lives and or have cost overruns and they can’t continue the mission anymore. Mars is a ruthless environment and a small incident could lead to a large failure, injury, and death. Cost overruns are not uncommon, especially in a big project like this one. About 66% of the cost is flying to Mars and landing on Mars. A lot of money has gone into this mission, the estimate of how much the mission will cost is a whopping 6 billion dollars. $50 million is going towards the first unnamed mars lander, 900 million for the first rover, 425 million for the first communications satellite. There are many more costs for the mission but these are the main ones. Funding and getting money for the mission will not be easy and if costover runs, the whole mission could fall forward into a huge failure.

Since the founding of Mars One in 2011, they have raised 1 million dollars mainly through donations. More donations have been coming in and mainly from sales of merchandise, private investments, and sponsorships and partnerships. The first two rounds of astronauts have been completed, and they’re currently finding a third crew to join the Mars One mission. Mars One is currently preparing for round three and four. From the first selection series six groups of four will become full time workers for Mars One. Some of the training will take place on Earth with simulation outposts. If some of the astronauts aren’t prepared for  Mars they will be taken out of the missions training. The first teams are training as of right now, and will be till the departure in 2031. They will all be training in more remote areas like the Arctic Desert.

By 2031 the first Mars One crew will depart, by 2033 the second team will depart. Sooner or later many people will have inhabited Mars, and will be there home.

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