Detroit Bird Scooters

Guilana Lutfy, Staff Writer

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Over the summer, the brand Bird Rides has dropped off electric scooters in downtown Detroit. These scooters, similar to the mogo bikes downtown, you can rent by the minute and ride the scooters all around downtown. The price to rent a scooter is 1 dollar as a beginning charge, and 15 cents for every additional minute. Riders who hop on these scooters don’t have to drop them off and pick them up in specific places, you simply find a scooter, ride to your destination, and leave the bike there for others to use.

Although it may seem like a simple task, there are still some rules that the Bird Scooter riders have to follow. The main rule is that scooter riders must park the scooters upright and at least six feet from any driveway, street curb, and any other object on the sidewalk. If  the riders do not follow this rule, if this rule is not followed, those violators may be charged up to a 500 dollar fine, or 90 days in jail. Riders must be at least 18 years old and must have uploaded a valid driver’s license through the app. The Bird Scooter app is available on the Apple app store, and on the Google play store. The app will provide a helmet to those who request one, and also shows a tutorial on how to ride one and a set of safety instructions. The app will also help you locate all of the scooters in Detroit to help you find the one closest to you, and will also tell you the battery percent left on the scooter. Once you find a scooter, there is a barcode that you scan to unlock the motor that  will make the scooter available for you to ride.

The Bird Scooters also offer more jobs in downtown Detroit. The people who have this job are called chargers. They go around downtown late after sunset when the sooters shutdown, and pick up all the scooters they can find. This job pays anywhere from 5-20 dollars per scooter that you pick up. Once you pick up a scooter, you return it back to a “nest” where riders can pick them up the next day as early as seven am.

These Bird Scooters have started out in big crowded cities such as San Francisco and Las Angeles, but have since moved to smaller cities such as Detroit. Bird Rides are available all across the globe in places such as Paris, France, Vienna Australia, Brussels, Belgium, and Tel Aviv, Israel. The scooters are also available in 19 out of the 50 states in America, with California being the most popular with the locations in nine different cities. You can also catch one of these scooters at one of their 20 university locations.

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