Hurricane Florence Damage Estimated at $17 to $22 Billion.

Jack Weigand, Staff Writer

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Hurricane Florence has died down but the damage is terrible. Roads, homes, highways, cities, and beaches were completely obliterated. The hurricane also tragically took 43 lives from the people that were just trying to protect their homes.

With all the damage that happened, the incredible price of the overall damage is 22 billion dollars. The US government is paying for three quarters of the bill, but they are leaving the rest of the bill to the state.

The flooding is incredibly intense. Florence quickly downgraded to a tropical storm but it’s rainfall was 24 inches was a record for a hurricane, surpassing Hurricane Floyd in 1999. Florence is one of the top 10 priciest hurricanes.

“These estimates are based on the information available. There is a high probability of Hurricane Florence’s will be revised significantly higher with added information or inland flooding, according to Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics. “North Carolina has had had forty inches of rain since Thursday, the 20th of September,” explained Zandi. Hurricane Florence was truly devastating.

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