White Privilege

Ariana Perry

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White privilege. Did you click off yet? No? That’s surprising!  People get extremely defensive and uncomfortable with this topic.  I would just like to say that if you were born white, this privilege is purely inevitable, that’s just that. But it’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. It’s not something you can control, but what is wrong, is not acknowledging this fact. Being this type of privileged doesn’t mean your life is care free. It also doesn’t mean you get everything you want or deserve. It doesn’t facilitate a perfect life. It means your foot is above the start line while the rest of us are behind it. The color of your skin puts you in the same race but fewer and less extreme obstacles. In actuality all of American culture is white-centric.

In an article a read, a woman of color talks about how it’s nearly impossible to find makeup that matches her skin color. She often has to mix various colors to find one the coincides with her melanin skin. Now that’s merely a society issue but there are cases that are much more intense.

Now as I said, white privilege is nothing to be ashamed of. But you should use it to not only expose but terminate injustices you see. For example, videos have been released of white men and women questioning the reason two black males were being cuffed in a Pennsylvania Starbucks. Why is this so impactful? Because the outcome would be drastically different if a black person did that. Are you getting it now? White privilege is a tool that can be used in a selfless way. People often abuse this advantage for their own use, and that’s where the rumor of it being a negative thing originates.