Pizza Hut Has a Brand New Sneaker

Luca Fermani, Staff Writer

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When the 2018 March Madness NCAA division men’s basketball tournament started, Pizza Hut had a great idea. They knew that fans would not want to miss a second of their game so they decided to come up with the idea to make their second sneaker, the Pie tops II . But this is not just your ordinary sneaker! there is a button on the front of it that allows the watcher to order pizza whenever they want! These high tops come in two different colors,  red and tan. To activate the pizza ordering function, you have to hook up your Pie Tops to your smartphone via bluetooth. When last years Pie Tops shoes were out you, could only order pizza. however on the new shoe you can pause the basketball game by pressing the button on the left shoe.

In conclusion I would say that these shoes are cool and all, but when would you ever use these other than once per year when you’re watching March Madness? Also it would just be weird wearing a shoe like that out in public a shoe made by Pizza Hut!”

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Pizza Hut Has a Brand New Sneaker