What Exactly Is Normal?

Natalie Guerrero, Student Editor

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        We live in a society where we are constantly categorized by things such as our race, class, religion, and gender. We battle stereotypes, that according to our society, if we do not follow we are deemed as “abnormal”. That makes us question, what exactly is normal to us?


        We’re taught as children that it’s okay to be weird and unique, to not care what anyone thinks. Well, as long as you are still viewed as socially acceptable and not ‘too’ unique. That women aren’t acting too “un-ladylike” or that men aren’t “destroying their masculinity”. That you aren’t expressing your culture or religion too much for someone’s liking. We are taught that it’s okay to be comfortable with who we are. As long as it still fits other people’s expectations of ourselves, but our own.


       The reason many people still have these ideals today, are often from beliefs sourcing back from our past generations. Other things, like the media have made a major influence on our generation as well. Making us well aware of the stigma surrounding race, religion, and sexuality too. Affecting our views on various subjects, controversial and political alike. Helping to enforce these beliefs of stereotypes and other social constructs. Saying of what certain people are “supposed’ to act like.


     Although, over the past few years we have seen an enormous amount of today’s  youth squash these unrealistic ideals. Some even creating a safe platform for young teens and children to be themselves without the pressure of society weighing them down. We are evolving more and more in this day and age, and it is exciting to see things that were not normalized before, are now. I am beyond ecstatic to see the growth we will be able to achieve with this upcoming generation.


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