The HeforShe Movement and Feminism

Julianna Tague, Student Editor

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‘Feminism’ is a word that has taken on a connotation of negativity in the past twenty years. The world looks at a girl who identifies as a feminist and sees her as ignorant, stupid, abrasive, isolating. Society seems to think that, once the feminist movement has accomplished its goal, women will have more power and rights than men. However, feminism is defined as “the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes”. Feminists are not trying to man-hate or claim that women are somehow superior to men. We are simply trying to create equality. We are trying to build a world where women can work the same number of hours as their male counterparts and be given the same paycheck, where the sexualization of females and masculinization of men is nonexistent, where no individual feels as if they have to follow certain guidelines based on their gender, and where every human being, regardless of their sex, will have the same rights as their peers.

HeforShe is a solidarity campaign whose main goal is to aid the advancement of gender equality. Founded by the UN Women, HeforShe works to ensure equal rights across the world. The campaign calls for men to aid women as we fight for fundamental rights with the idea that with the rise of equal rights between all genders comes respect for the varying levels of masculinity in males. If women reach a point where we aren’t forced to be submissive, men won’t feel the need to be aggressive, therefore creating a cycle of support.

HeforShe works simply to ensure that every human being on the planet is equal to the next. It does not wish to become synonymous with man-hating; rather, it does the opposite: it equalizes opportunities for all. Gender equality is an issue that has been at the relative forefront of relations since the Seneca Falls Convention. Only now is society making a bold attempt at bridging the gap. The time is ripe to equalize rights, as the feminist movement has finally established deep roots and the world is at a place where it is ready to listen. HeforShe is an important group to watch because it is personal. It calls for people to help both themselves and one another. It recognizes that it’s not just women who can make a difference and need a difference made for them. Although feminism is at the forefront of its agenda, it’s open to other causes and works to create a kind of equality domino effect with the rise of feminism at the beginning of the line. It’s an organization that’s vital for the continuation of modern society, as we won’t be able to function in the future if we’re turned against ourselves.

Feminism isn’t a movement for women; it’s a movement for the world. With the wishes of feminists granted, equality and respect will be earned for all people of all genders. Become HeforShe today. In doing so, you’ll change the world around you for the better, regardless of your gender.


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