Olivia Thomas, Staff Writer

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MARVEL has a tendency to bend the rules when it comes to death in both their movies and comics.  The majority of people who died as well have an upcoming movie.


Black Panther 2 –  King T’challa must come back for this movie unless someone else becomes the new Black Panther.  The Director of Black Panther is thinking of even coming back with a woman Black Panther. If anyone is fit for the part I think it would either be Shuri or Okoye.


Spider-man: Homecoming Sequel – Peter Parker literally has a new movie coming out right around the corner.  It would also be completely idiot on Marvel’s part to make new spiderman. Seeing as how Tom Holland has a MAJOR fanbase.


Guardians of the Galaxy VO. 3  – They could easily kill off some of the Guardians and they’d still have a movie.  Marvel would get a lot of backlashes and basically loose quite a bit of money. So that is quite unbelievable that they’d even think about doing that.


For everyone else who died it’s hard to tell, but “Good always wins”.  Well not enterally in this case I suppose. I almost forgot, for you Loki stans out there.   This time I think Loki is dead forever unless that defeat Thanos by going back in time completely.  Hopefully, Marvel decides to go along with the comic books and everyone comes back. Keep your eyes open wide for Avengers 4, coming May of 2019.