History of Basketball

James Borowicz, Staff Writer

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Creation of The Game

Basketball was created by James Naismith in December 1891 in Springfield, Massachusetts. Naismith was a teacher at the YMCA’s trainer school, where young men would go train to be instructors at newly opened YMCA centers. Naismith was asked by the school’s superintendent to create an indoor sport for young men to stay active during the winter months. Naismith accepted the challenge of creating a new sport and nervously got to brainstorming. Naismith got some help from his wife and had some inspiration from an old game called Duck on a Rock(a game where players would throw a rock at a target placed on top of a large boulder or tree stump). Soon after Naismith created the game we all know and love today, basketball.


How The Original Game was Played

To play basketball in 1891 you would need two peach baskets 10 feet above the ground and a soccer ball. The main goal of the game was to get the soccer ball into the opposing teams peach basket, either by throwing it in or hitting it in the peach basket. Also in the original game you couldn’t dribble, because the soccer ball wasn’t bouncy enough, and there were nine players instead of five. Naismith made it this way because there were 18 people in his class.

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