Black Lives Matter Movement

Auriana Perry- Potts, Staff Writer

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Black Lives Matter movement has a lot of misconceptions about their intentions of this movements so I’d like to set the wrong perception right. Black Lives Matter is not in anyway a hate or supremacy group.In no way are we saying Black Lives are greater than white lives but rather were saying its time that we are treated equally as its become so evident we’re not.  And yes, I’m fully aware that at some protests there have been people shouting and doing things that show hate to white people and police officers. But they do not speak for the movement, nor is that our goal. Black Lives Matter is its own sentence, not a response to silence violence against other races. The movement is simply acknowledging the problems that black people face and fighting to put an end to them.

Last month a teacher asked me not to show pictures of black lives matter protest because she didn’t want to seem “biased”. But frankly, there’s two sides to BLM, either that they do or they don’t. So her saying she didn’t want to seem biased is her saying she’s protecting the feelings of people who believe our lives don’t matter.

There has been a hashtag going around called #alllivesmatter. All lives matter is a clear protest to BLM. No, I’m not saying that all lives don’t matter but I’m saying its obvious some lives matter more than others. Like we are all very familiar with the fact that white lives matter. Imagine you’re at dinner with friends and everyone gets their meal but still you have nothing. You say “I deserve food” and all your friends shout back “everyone deserves food” although that’s a true statement, it doesn’t change the fact that you still don’t have food. You see the correlation? If your saying all lives matter you may think your moving us closer to a solution but really your part of the problem.

“All our silences in the face of racist assault are acts of complicity.”- Bell Hooks

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