Tragic Toth Family Car Accident


Amelia Zeitlin, Staff Writer

A beautiful Grosse Pointe Park family perished in a horrific car accident between the time range of late Friday-early Saturday morning. The family of four was vacationing in Colorado. They were on their way home when this occurred. This family was extremely loved by the Grosse Pointe community and to people in their workplace. Maire Elementary school has offered extra support in school  for mourning students, teachers and staff.

Elianna (known as Ella from friends) Toth was eight years old and was in third grade. Sophia Toth, 11, was in fifth.  Also lost in the tragedy were Thomas Toth,48  a Grateful Dead fan who worked at Chrysler in packaging and Christina Toth who had just partnered with an old friend to start their own law firm.

They were driving late at night, as the roads were slick and slippery with fog and black ice when a semi truck drifted into the lane next to them, slid on the ice and jackknifed. Therefore, their Chrysler Pacifica ran into the semi truck. The family passed almost instantly. This took place on interstate 76, located near Sterling, Colorado.

It is just horrifying to think about this amazing family gone. They were a great addition to the Grosse Pointe Park community, and will be greatly missed.