End of Year Countdown

Mia Pellerito, Student Editor

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It’s that time of year, where everyone starts preparing for the end of the year! It can be an exciting, tedious, or even sad time. For some, this is their last year, while others still have a few to go! Pierce has 587 students this year, and most are anxious to be free for summer! As of April 11th, we have exactly 46 more school days! This is not including weekends.

Even though the year is close to finish,we only have one more day off! We will have Monday, May 28th for Memorial day,  Then we have about one month left. There are also more changes. We will no longer have the half day in May, around the time of the Saint Joan of Arc fair. Remember that half day we had on halloween? Well, that replaced it. The only half day we will get now till the end of the year is the day before and on the last day of school.

That leads to another change: when we go back. Unfortunately, we will have one less day of summer this upcoming break. Last year, we got out on Thursday, June 15th, and we started again on Tuesday, September 5th. This year, We get out on Friday, June 15th, But we go back on Tuesday, September 4th! In 2019,  We go back on the 3rd! It all depends on labor day.