Don’t Let Anyone Trick You Into Putting Tinfoil in your Microwave!

Luca Fermani, Staff Writer

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Don’t Let Anyone Trick You Into Putting Tinfoil in your Microwave


The new biggest trend is a challenge called the tin foil challenge. This challenge is TERRIBLE. Unless you want your house to burn down, then don’t even think about doing this challenge. This challenge is unsafe and can be a danger to everyone in your house. So while you are reading this report don’t think about wanting to do this “challenge.”

It involves taking a ball of tin foil and putting it in your microwave. Apparently the ball of tin foil will turn into a smooth shiny ball with no cracks in it almost like a pearl. But all good things have a catch to them. To actually make this ball of tin foil it takes hours, you need to hammer it, use sand paper, and mold it. This started out as a trend that came over from Japan.

A Twitter user showed people how he made a shiny ball of foil by hammering and sanding down the edges. It was a nice, fun, harmless little trend until some people out there had to go and make it scary and dangerous. A couple of fake tweets were posted out and would show this man’s tweet saying “I put my foil in a microwave” and the microwave made it shiny and he showed a before and after picture from the actual tweet. And then he got many views and re-tweets. And sure enough the tweet blew up.

Of course nobody has actually done it but we all know there is going to be somebody out there to try it. Hopefully you are not the first person to try this this “trend.”