The Killer Flu

Sophia Simopoulos, Staff Writer

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The flu of 2018, this year, is what many are talking and worrying about but there are some ways to stay as far away from it.

There are three types of flu viruses: A, B, and C. Type A and B cause the annual influenza epidemics that have up to 20% of the population sniffling, aching, coughing, and running high fevers. Type C also causes flu; however, type C flu symptoms are much less severe  Although this year of 2018 a horrible and terrifying flu came our way and is here to stay! Influenza A virus causes influenza in birds and some mammals, and is the only species of influenza virus A genus of the Orthomyxoviridae family of viruses.

To begin, the symptoms of this terrible flu awre and what it affects. This is the most fatal flu we have ever discovered because it has caused deaths and serious health imbalances. This issue has brought death upon 53 children. They want everyone to know that it isn’t too late to get your flu shot! The flu shot only covers 30% of the disease. The most unbelievable fact about this years illness is that you can catch it two times at the same time making your chances lower by the second. Paramedics and doctors say to immediately report to a hospital.

Furthermore, to cover how to prevent spreading and catching the flu. The number one way is to wash your hands well after any hands on activity. Otherwise the influenza is hard to keep away from. You must eat healthy and wear warm clothing. These are the safest options for your winter!

      In final consideration, help prevent the flu for the time being! Hopefully this flu season tones down slightly!

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The Killer Flu