Black History’s Constant Neglect.

Ariana Perry- Potts

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Around this time last year I was in 6th grade, and this being a new school I was really looking forward to the things it had to offer. Such as making new friends, being in a new environment, and learning new things specifically black history. My prior years at school I became much too familiar with the neglect of black history, so I was extremely excited to see what Pierce would do to celebrate my culture. I was very disappointed of the outcome. During black history month, not only did we do nothing, but when we did do something it was one thing and they brought the students to the gym to read articles. Yes, articles. At one moment I did a full pan of the room, I saw a small group of girls in the corner doing cartwheels, a big group of guys talking and on their phones on the bleachers, and a tiny coed group of people pretending to look at the articles. Absolutely unacceptable, and I don’t blame to students, it was utterly boring and forced so their actions were a given.

People say the purpose of studying the past is so we prevent it from repeating. So if that’s the case why are we so opposed to studying black history? My belief is that hate is driven by ignorance, in the word ignorance you can clearly see the word ignore. So if we continue to IGNORE the history of 13.7% of our country the same 13.7%  that greatly impacted america, the same 13.7% that is systematically lesser than the same whites that have been taking credit for some of the groundbreaking things we have today the hate from the past will continue to repeat itself.