You’re Beautiful

Arianna Perry- Potts, Staff Writer

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Fat stomach. Crooked teeth. Lots of acne. Dark skin. Freckles. Stretch marks. What do these and many other and many others all have in common? None of these are even close to society’s definition of beauty. Girls often photoshop pictures of themselves to make their skin lighter, enlarge their butt, to shrink their waist. And all for what? To feel accepted. Not only girls, some guys are so insecure and ashamed of their own body that they avoid all scenarios involving taking shirts off. Swimming, trying on clothes, or even looking at themselves in the mirror.  And in some terrifying cases, these intense insecurities can lead to very unsafe places such as Depression, Anorexia,  Bulimia.

But when I say this I mean it with absolutely everything in me, you are beautiful. Your skin is glowing, the acne is not a flaw it’s natural and nature is beautiful . Your curves are so gorgeous. Your dark skin is millions of different stories displayed at once. Your stretch marks are Mother Nature’s way of complimenting how perfectly you’ve grown. The never truly faded scars show that you’ve been through war and won. Your smile is extremely contagious. Self love is the most important and amazing love you can give and receive. Don’t ever think of yourself as less than absolute and divine beauty.

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You’re Beautiful