Lions vs. Vikings-Thanksgiving Day

Michael Tengler, Staff Writer

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On November 23rd, 2017, the Detroit Lions played the Minnesota Vikings in a huge divisional game for both teams. The Lions came in at 6-4, and the Vikings came in atop the NFC North at 8-2. With a win, the Lions would only be one game behind the Vikings, and one of the easiest schedules heading down the stretch. On the flipside, a victory for the Vikings would increase their division lead to three games, and would basically put the division out of the Lions hands.


The game got off to a rough start for the Lions, with the Vikings jumping out to an early 13-0 lead thanks to a passing and rushing touchdown from starting quarterback Case Keenum. The Lions then had to settle for a field goal in the red zone after a third down incomplete pass to tight end Darren Fells in the end zone, as it was originally called a touchdown, but then called back after further review. The Vikings then countered with another touchdown, this one a passing touchdown to Kyle Rudolph, his second of the first half. The Lions were then down 20-3 with only 37 seconds left in the half. Only a slim amount of time, Matthew Stafford, Lions quarterback, made the most of it. With a few passes, including a back-shoulder grad by Lions wide receiver Kenny Golladay to put the Lions inside the Vikings’ 40-yard line, they capped it off with a six-yard touchdown pass to Marvin Jones Jr. to make it 20-10 at halftime.


The second half started off just the same, as the Vikings got the ball first, and went right down the field, ending with a Latavius Murray rushing touchdown, once again putting the Vikings up by three possessions. After a pair of field goals by Matt Prater, the Lions closed the gap to 11, making it 27-16. Soon after, a fabulous 48-yard touchdown catch from Marvin Jones in between two defenders made it 27-23.


With the Vikings up 27-23, and only 1:15 remaining in the fourth quarter, the Vikings set up for a 25-yard field goal, looking to seal the deal. The ball was snapped, and it was blocked! Ty Lawson ran for the ball, and returned it for a touchdown! The Lions had tied the game…


Ty Lawson, a Lions cornerback celebrated for a few seconds, before being aware of the flag thrown back at the line of scrimmage. Darius Slay, a different Lions cornerback that had blocked the field goal, was offsides. This was a five yard penalty, which then gave the Vikings a first down. The clock would then run to double zeros, putting their playoff chances pretty low, as they fall three games back of the Vikings for the division lead.


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