How Sixth Graders Adjust to a New School

Jane Kuhnlein, Student Editor

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Each year new sixth graders walk into Pierce for their first day without knowing what they’re in for. Some may be happy for a change, others possibly scared. You never know what’s going on in the sixth graders’ heads on their first day.


I asked a couple of sixth graders some questions about getting used to Pierce. Most of the sixth graders thought it was easy for them to adjust, and a few are still getting used to a new school. Many of the sixth graders say that middle school is harder than their elementary schools. They say, the classes are harder and they can’t navigate that well. Sixth grade is a big step from fifth.


We were all sixth graders once. We came into the school,  tried to find our class, and while that happened we would get trampled by eighth graders. Some of us are seventh graders, eighth graders, high school, college, and into our careers, but we all remember our first day at our middle schools. For me, it was a crazy and unforgettable day.


As a seventh grader, I remember failing to open my locker, walking into an eighth grade class, and bringing the wrong things to my classes. It was all a big, huge, unorganized mess, but now I get to class on time and in the right place, open my locker on the first try, and have everything ready in advance. We learn from our mistakes that we made as sixth graders. Every year we can start all over fixing the mistakes we made the year before. Remember, sixth graders that you can anything you put your mind to.