How to Balance Homework with Anxiety

Natalie Guerro

Homework is a word that naturally, students don’t  want to hear about. It’s something that we have learned over time to procrastinate and avoid. In fear that either, we will fail miserably or the fact that our work is just simply not good enough.

                 If you’re a student, odds are you have at one point been drowning in endless amounts of work from multiple classes. Which often ends up resulting in being emotionally drained from the unbearable stress and pressure to get work done. That in my experience, greatly affected how well I worked in many of my classes too. Which is why I want to share some steps that have helped me better improve focusing on my work. Rather, than letting myself whirl into some out of control spiral of anxiety. That can, maybe, better help your mental health too!

         In some scenarios, something that has helped me immensely was just to breath. Counting breaths especially, was a method that  helped me. If consciously breathing is something that will not help calm you as much, try identifying many of the things around you, for example, maybe a pencil or a piece of paper. Closely recognizing and naming details is a great self soothing method that helps in slowing down breathing and clearing your head of stress.


       Another technique to help while breathing, is reminding yourself that this isn’t the worst thing ever too. Reassuring yourself is an amazing way to learn to soothe yourself and encouraging your breathing to continue at a normal rate. Know that you can do this.


          Now, this next one may sound like a very basic tool to help that you have most likely heard before. Although, it’s important to always remember that organization is key when it comes to handling work! It is such an important tool in handling stress and doing excellent work. Writing assignments and chores in either a planner or binder will make also huge impact. Especially, on figuring out how to manage time and deciding on when the best time is to complete assignments. Other tactics such as, keeping your locker clean and organizing your bag are very good to refresh your mind of what you need and don’t for each class as well.


        Hydrating yourself with water is one other way that helps clears your mind and helps keep focus. Benefits also include things like, reducing your head from receiving migraines/headaches and keeping your brain fresh of remembering things you’ve learned. So you can excel as high as you can.


         I know how difficult it can be to tackle something severe such as anxiety. How even more difficult it can be too when it starts interfering with you academically. Despite that though, just always remember that if a situation is so out of your control that you feel that you can’t do anything. You can still control how you choose to handle that situation, and that’s something that won’t ever change.