Hallways at Pierce

Yates Bellamy, Staff Writer

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Hallways, a place to travel from one class to the next, a place to converse with friends, a place to grab a drink or go to the bathroom. Hallways, a place that we need to be respectful of and keep clean.


Hallways are great for traveling to your next class, but it makes it hard when people are crowding all the space. It’s alright to catch up with friends in the hall, but not in the middle of the hall where people are trying to get classes. This school even has a system for getting to classes and being efficient in the halls. All we need to do is respect it.   I’ve personally come across too many instances where I’m trying to get to class, but I’m stopped because people are crowding in big groups. People need to wait until until after school for these big group conversations, and focus on school during school more.


This students also need to start keeping these halls clean and free of trash. Don’t you want to walk the halls and not step in trash every 10 feet? Be a good person and pick up your trash. Honestly how hard is it? Overall, we need to help keep the halls clean and nice.

I asked Mrs Gaffrey a series of questions about the hallways and the behavior changes needed.

What are the main hallway expectations? “The main exceptions in the hallway is to be respectful of others and the halls. Don’t tear art work down, leave trash on the floor, have a big crowd in the hall blocking others, and to stay on the left and right sides dependent on where you’re going. Another expectation is to always have your planner on hand, so you don’t get a signature. Also, you need to follow the NBC rule.”


How can we make the halls not so crowded? “We can do that by staying in your own lane when you’re walking. We can not have huge conversations in middle of hall, and instead wait until later.”

Why are the rules set in place? “All rules are in place for a reason, and the main reasons are to be safe and efficient. You need the NBC rules so nobody gets hurt, and you need the hallway walking rules to get to class on time.”

Overall, people need to follow the hallway rules, and we will have a good time in middle school.

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Hallways at Pierce