All The Things You Need To Know About These New ‘Fidget Spinners’

Audrey Smihal, Staff Writer

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The new craze, fidget spinners, are finally here and everyone’s got one. For some people, thats a good thing, but for others it’s no joke. In fact, this trend has came to the point where classrooms are banning them for inappropriate use.


The original reason for these spinners were created was to help students with attention disorders in the 1990s.

They were used to have something small to fidget with without making a huge distraction. These fidget spinners were also used to reduce stress or nervous energy. The new fidget spinners are just now becoming popular in 2017. The creator’s name is Catherine A. Hettinger, and she intended this toy to be for her own use, because she was suffering from myasthenia gravis. On May 28th, 1993, Catherine filled out an application to patent her design, then flew out to Washington D.C to secure the patent in 1997. Unfortunately, she was not able to afford the renewal fee for her patent, which was $400. Eventually in 2005, Hettinger gave up on her patent. Later, more manufactures started creating their own versions of her spinners in different shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, she received no money for her product.

Becoming Popular

In late December of 2016, James Plafke of Forbes published an article on these fidget spinners, saying they are a “must-have office toy in 2017.” By May 4th, 2017, spinners were in the Top 20 Best-selling Toys List. These new ‘Fidget Spinners’ are high demand in the new generation and stores are having trouble keeping them in stock.

What Do Schools Think About Them?

These toys were originally for helping those with ADHD or Autism stay focused, but some kids and teenagers in schools are now becoming more interested. Some schools around the country have been reporting kids trading or selling their spinners with other students. But only in few cases, there has been reports of spinners helping kids focus in class. Chicago Tribune reported, “Today, it’s common to see kids using some kind of fidget (spinner) or other tools to help them settle and focus.”

Although fidget spinners are designed to help student focus in class, some schools or classrooms have banned the toy. Another point, is that the toy becomes their primary focus, and the actual teachings become background focus. Some teachers say that for some students they are becoming a distraction and for the kids without disabilities who are using them, they have become no more than just a toy.


Health Effects

As I have mentioned before, Fidget Spinners were originally for those with disabilities and those who had trouble focusing. A special needs teacher has said that the spinners have helped her students with autism calm down and focus on the spinning panels. But not enough real official experiments have proven the toys have reduced stress and keeps users focused.

For some people with ADHD, these spinners have helped them focus their attention on what they want to focus on. Fidget Spinners are great for students that really need them and can really help them on a physical and mental way.


As you can see, there are mixed opinions about the new craze that is sweeping the world. So do you have one? How do you feel about the new Fidget Spinner?



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All The Things You Need To Know About These New ‘Fidget Spinners’