The Issue With Social Media

Isabel Constand, Staff Writer

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7:00am: Alarm goes off, student checks Snapchat and responds to friends, as well as looking at some of their friend’s stories. After Snapchat comes Instagram- student goes through their feed and maybe posts something. Finally, on Twitter, the student reads through tweets and tweets on how their day has been so far.

This is not how a child’s morning used to be, and it shouldn’t be this way- it needs to change. All these social media apps make the student want to focus more on their phone than their life: family, friends, school, and extracurriculars. I would assume a student’s average day is spent 50% percent looking down at their phone.

10:00am: 16 more minutes of class. Student might as well go on their phone.

What app does the student go on first? Snapchat- because they want to respond to all their friends and be updated with everything going on. The teacher catches them on their phone. Normally a teacher would just say, “bring your planner up,” (to get a signature) but on rare occasion the student is sent down to the office.

12:19pm: It’s lunch time! Student comes racing out of class, down to their locker, and grabs their lunch box to get a good spot at the table.  Their friends start talking about something that was posted on Instagram. The student realizes this is the perfect time for them to check their phone.Doing so, they get sucked right back into the trap. Then the student starts answering their Snapchats with a friend.  Soon after surfing social media, the student eventually puts their phone down and begins to eat their lunch.  Teachers order the students to go outside. The student thinks about it: hall or outside? Bathroom is the winner- no teachers will catch the student on their phone in the bathroom, because they don’t think to look there. Teachers still know our tricks don’t think students are so sneaky.

2:00pm:  One more hour! Student eagerly waits until the final bell rings at 2:56 for announcements. The announcements are done, and the student considers going to advisory..or maybe not. 569+ ditch and go on my phone.  

Snapchat is a huge priority for most teens. If they get it taken away they can’t live without it. Children have taken advantage of that, as a way of communicating with their friends. Calling still exists….did you know that? Everything does not have to take place in the modern day world.


5:00pm: “Time for dinner!” Student’s mom calls up to their room.  Struggling to not bring their phone to dinner with them, the student makes up my mind to leave it to charge.  

Dinner is done. Student is stuffed and all they want to do is lay in bed and watch Netflix.  Heading upstairs, student realizes their phone is completely charged. Yay!

Student decides to check Twitter instead, as they can watch Netflix closer to bedtime.

Twitter is another social media problem: students rely on twitter for information on almost everything. They check it as much as any other social media app just to see what everyone is doing at that very second. Twitter can also put student’s life in harm. Some dangerous people will threaten students on any social media account.  It puts student’s lives in the hands of other people, strangers, and miscellaneous accounts.  

9:00pm:  It’s getting late, so the student thinks that they had better start getting ready for bed. One hour later….here the student is- still sitting on their phone. They  haven’t moved one bit since an hour ago.  Finally, they decide to go get ready for bed.

Haha! The student  got toothpaste on their shorts and decides to send a picture to their friends- they will laugh.

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The Issue With Social Media