Summer Break

Julianna Tague & Brooke Westfall, Staff Writer

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Whether it’s going to a tropical island for vacation, staying home and competing on your city swim team, or sitting around eating food- there are diverse options for kids to enjoy partaking in while on summer break. And because vacation is right around the corner, we wanted to know what some of our friends were planning on doing while school is out. We interviewed seven of our friends and classmates to see what they were doing.

Some are traveling to faraway lands, and some plan to stay home and hang out with friends or play sports. No matter who they are or what they’re doing, they plan to have fun!

And if you and your friends are sitting around with nothing to do, bored out of your minds, maybe you can get some ideas from our peers on how to spend the beautiful, sunny, short-lived days of summer vacation.

Remember: the key to a great summer is staying busy but also spending some time relaxing, hanging out with friends, staying safe, and most importantly having fun!

We hope you enjoy our video interview, our friends’ responses, and the deleted scenes we included for your enjoyment. It was tremendous fun to film this video with our friends, and we hope you have as much fun viewing it as we did creating it! Enjoy and have a great, safe, happy summer! See you on September 5th!

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Summer Break