Delta Airlines Cancel Many Flights After Their Atlanta’s Airport Gets Shut Down For 24 Hours

Isabella G., Staff Writer

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April 5, 2017: Atlanta had a tornado and a huge storm. This shut down Delta’s hub airport in Atlanta for 24 hours, canceling about 700 flights. This lead to a missing crew at Delta, and pilots and crew in the U.S. had a miscommunication malfunction. Other airlines had this problem, but made up for it in 1-2 days. As a person who had their flight cancelled, and waited 13 hours to try to get on the plane, I was pretty mad. They handed out vouchers and blankets for people who were waiting, but lied about the situation. The pilots were mad because they could have flown the plane without a crew. The pilots of Delta says: “If you chipped your nail change it to Delta, your hotel room charge it to Delta, and whatever you did waiting here charge it to Delta.”

I was on the scene at Miami airport watching flights canceled or delayed. I was on the scene getting people’s stories on what they were doing, or where they were going, and what would they do there.

One family was trying to go to Detroit to find a doctor for their child’s bad peanut allergy; another was trying to go to a family reunion; another was trying to get home like us, but started crying; a family had tickets for a show; and one boy was trying to make it home for their last basketball game. Other people were in Delta’s Skyhub area, where I interviewed people going to different places. One man (Super-Dad,) had his 6 year old child, stroller, 2 carry-ons and one bag with him. He was on a job trip, when he got stuck in Miami for 3 days with his child. His flight got canceled and wouldn’t get back home until Tuesday, so he spent 6 days in Miami. Another family, with a pregnant wife, husband, and toddler were trying to get back home. They needed to get to Atlanta from Miami, but they ended up going to Chicago. They stayed a night there to catch the flight going to Atlanta the next day. A couple tried to catch a flight to New York to see Hamilton in 3 days, but it sadly got canceled.

Delta has apologized to thousands about their flights, and gave everyone money for their troubles.

Delta is now up and running after the mess up for 6 days. If Delta has another big blow out like this, they could go out of business because they might lose so much money. Delta’s communication needs to be fixed, or else they will lose business.  Good luck to all the  people flying Delta.



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Delta Airlines Cancel Many Flights After Their Atlanta’s Airport Gets Shut Down For 24 Hours