Final Four!

Emma R., Staff Writer

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For all of you college basketball fans, you probably know that the Final Four game is approaching. The teams that remain are, South Carolina, Gonzaga, Oregon and North Carolina. South Carolina is a 7 seed, Gonzaga is a 1 seed favoring them to win it all. Oregon is a 3 seed and North Carolina is a 1 seed, also favoring them to win it all. Many people make brackets/bets on who will win the whole tournament. So I decided to take a tally on who students thought would win the entire tournament, out of the Final Four teams. Out of 20 students, 2 think South Carolina is going to win, 1 thinks Gonzaga is going to win, 2 think Oregon is going to win and 15 think North Carolina is going to win. On Saturday April 1st, South Carolina will take on Gonzaga at 6:09 pm and at 8:49 pm Oregon will take on North Carolina. Who do you think will win?

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Final Four!