Getting Bagels from Eastside

Ian W., Staff Writer

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Pierce Middle School  switched from Brueggers Bagels to Eastside Bagel during the week of March 3 and henceforth. Brueggers Bagels went out of business due to a low amount of customers. Some students are very happy about this and some are upset about this and thought that bagel day would run differently. Bagel Day will run just as it usually would.


Eastside Bagel has been around for 20 years while Bruegger’s has been around for 34 years. I am personally unhappy about this event because I dislike the flavor of the bagels. Many other people are very happy about this because they love the bagels. Because Bagel day will run the same because there is not much difference in the delivery or price.


I interviewed Zack J. to see what he thinks about the new brand. Zack thinks that no matter what brand that are sold he will invest in a bagel on friday. Brooke W will also be investing in a bagel on Friday.


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Getting Bagels from Eastside