Locker Keys For Students?

Chelcie R., Staff Writer

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Should Pierce students be allowed to have keys for their locker?  Ever since Pierce has installed locks on their lockers, students have faced two major problems; locker jams and forgetting the passcode.  A locker jam happens when something gets caught in the lock.  When a student tries to open their locker when it’s jammed, even if they put the combination in correctly, the locker won’t open.  At the beginning of the school year, students will have to try and remember their locker code.  Most students however, only remember their classes and throw away their schedule and then they end up needing staff to unlock it because they forgot the code.  Each situation ends up making the student getting a signature for being late for class.  You may think, “Just get a hall pass!”  But after a certain amount, Mrs. Zens won’t give them to you.


The key would only work on the locker that’s engraved in the key.  For example, if a key had the number 284, it would only unlock locker 284.  Additionally, there would be a wrist strap for the key.  Also, there would be an extra key for each locker in the office in case a student loses the key.  All keys would have to be returned by the end of the year.  If the original key isn’t returned, the student would be charged for the key’s replacement.  If a student lost the original key and the spare key, they would have to pay for the replacement of both keys.  The student will also have to pay the key’s replacement if they damage the key.


There will be good and bad side effects in letting students have a key to their locker.  A good side effect is if a student has forgotten the code or their locker’s jammed, they can just use the key to automatically open their locker.  Another good side effect is, students couldn’t unlock other lockers because their key corresponds with their lock on their locker only.  You could also use the key if your locker isn’t jammed but it won’t open or if you’re too lazy to use the password.  Also, there is less risk of losing it since it has a wrist strap.  Keys might also make a person’s job, like Mr. Noonan’s, easier.  Finally, if a student forgot something, like their planner, they can use their key to quickly open their locker without risking messing up the combination.


Unfortunately, with upsides, there are always downsides.  One of those downsides is; if a student were to lose their key, someone else could use the key to steal from the key’s locker.  Also, students can horse around and accidently break the wrist strap.  Additionally, students could, over time, scrape away the key’s number so next year they can’t tell what locker it belongs to.  If the school did follow through with this, they’d have to all the locks so the other keys can only unlock their designated locker.  Also, if the school went through with this, it would cost a lot of money because they’d have to buy new locks and keys.  


I’ve asked a few people for their opinions on the subject.  These are their opinions.  Pierce’s Head Engineer, Mr. Noonan, says, “If a student were to lose their key with the locker number engraved on it someone would know what locker they now have access to, which would mean I would have to change the lock and all the keys for that locker. We have many instances where a student gives a friend their locker combination and two weeks later they are no longer friends and do not want them to have access their locker, so I can simply change the combination. Another concern would be students making copies of their keys and then having numerous keys floating around.”

I believe the system we have in place works well and is our best option where security is concerned.”  A Pierce student, Alex L., says, “There are upsides and downsides.  For example, an upside with me is that you don’t have to remember a combination.  A downside would be, someone could steal your key or someone could have keys copied in one of South’s many 3D printers.”  Finally, a PTO member, Amie Reno, says, “My opinion is that keys are a bad idea.  If a key should become lost or stolen and a locker number is engraved on the key, that person who took the key could steal all the contents of that locker.  As evidence of your school’s lost and found in the main hallway, children lose things of value all the time.  I also believe that students having to memorize a combination helps them with their short term memory.”


Should the students at Pierce Middle School be allowed to have keys for their locker?  There would be upsides and yes, there would be downsides.  But if we did have keys, we would eliminate major locker problems and create new problems.  Some think that keys would create more and worse problems than before.  Some problems that would be eliminated are locker jams, forgetting your combination, leaving something in your locker and having to reenter the combination, and being late for class.  Like I stated before, you can’t just keep getting passes because Mrs. Zens eventually won’t give them to you.  It might also make Mr. Noonan’s job easier.     


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Locker Keys For Students?