U of M’s Wild Ride!

Emma R., Staff Writer

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On Wednesday March, 8th, the Michigan’s Men’s Basketball team was preparing to take off on an airplane, as our power at Pierce went out. If you remember, it was extremely windy, trees were being knocked over, and houses were losing power left and right along with Pierce. At Willow Run Airport 109 members of the team were on the plane along with 7 crew members. The flight took off knowing that it would be a rough ride. However, they also knew that they had to be at the BTN men’s basketball tournament in less than 24 hours.


The plane took off  with 53 mph winds so, they aborted it. However it seemed to be too late, the plane went through a severe braking. Right as the plane hit the ground, it started sliding. The plane slid down the runway, onto a road, ripped through a chain- link fence, and hit a ditch luckily stopping the plane before it ran into several trees. On the bright side, there were all but one injury, which was Derrick Walton Jr. who is the team’s leading scorer. Walton, ended up having to get 5 stitches, but was still able to play in the next game against Illinois. He said that while they were evacuating the plane, an emergency exit door hit his knee.
In all of this chaos, this team has managed to win the championship game for the Big Ten Tournament that was against Wisconsin. They also made it the Sweet Sixteen game in the NCAA tournament where they were unfortunately defeated by the Oregon Ducks. Many Michigan fans were very impressed with this team for making it this far, such as Sarah R., when I asked her how she felt about Michigan going to the Sweet Sixteen. “It was very disappointing that they lost by only one point, but I’m glad that they were able to make it this far and have many accomplishments during the season,” explained Sarah. Next, I asked Emma S. about how Michigan was able to win the entire tournament with their lead scorer having 5 stitches in his knee and carrying the team to victory. “I think that it is incredible what the team did with going through all of that trauma. I’m proud to be a Michigan fan,” replied Emma.  

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U of M’s Wild Ride!