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Isabella G., Staff Writer

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Pierce swimming starts in March, and the turnout for the after school meeting for swim team was a big success. There were over 20 or 30 people in the room they filled all of the seats and some people had to stand. Mr.Thompson went over all of the information, and said the most important rule was to have fun, but everyone said they wanted to beat Brownell. With as much people we have, we might beat Brownell.


I asked our head coach Bill Thompson a few questions about swimming:


Q:Were you surprised about the turnout on Wednesday?

A: I was very happy to see so many swimmers turn out for the meeting.  I know we have a lot of talented swimmers at Pierce, so I am excited to get the season started.


Q: What will be your goal of the season?

A:The goals for the season are to have fun, to learn, and to compete.  The best thing about being on the team is being with your friends and being able to represent your school.


Q:What do you like about coaching and swimming?  

A:I love the sport of swimming because it teaches you a lot about hard work, effort, and discipline which are all things you can carry with you the rest of your life. It is also fun to compete against your friends from the other two middle schools.


Q:Where did you start swimming?

A: I started my swimming career for the Grosse Pointe Park Mutants!

I continued swimming for Pierce, Grosse Pointe South, and the University of Pennsylvania.  I have coached at the Park, for Pierce (obviously), the Grosse Pointe Yacht Club,

and for Grosse Pointe South.”  

Go Pierce!
I was at the team meeting for swim, and I could recognize some good swimmers in the room. The best thing about having a swim team is because everyone bonds together, and you rely on one another. I hope everyone that is new to pierce that is joining the swim team has fun because it is one of the best middle school sport. Our head coach Bill Thompson is also the best and funniest coach, and I think everyone will love him. Overall I think we are going to have a good year. I feel if everyone comes to practice and tries hard we will be victorious. Support your fellow student in their meets by going to Mr.Thompson’s website. Go Trojans!!!

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Pierce Swim Team