Can We Stop the Banana Extinction?

Elizabeth K.

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The most popular fruit crop in the world is Bananas.  Across 130 subtropical and tropical countries, 100 million metric tons are produced annually.  The bananas are genetically made, but bananas were an accident to make.  According to CNN the bananas are apart of a Cavendish subgroup, and part of species that are nearly genetically identical.  The bananas that you find in stores are in prominent danger.  The genetically identical plant leaves are vulnerable to disease.  In the banana industry the most devastating disease is the fungal disease. CNN says that  fungal disease could soon happen again if the banana industry does not resolve the problem.  The plant scientists are working out genetics so that  bananas will not go extinct.


The banana is the most prominent example of genetic vulnerability. The prime banana type that is  grown in commercial plantations are Gros Michel bananas, also known as “Big Mike” bananas, up until the 1960s.  In the west the banana industry made Big Mike very popular.  According to CNN thousands of tropical forests are made into Gros Michel plantations in Latin America.  A pandemic whipped through the plantations in the Big Mike industry during the 1950s and 60s, which lead the Big Mike industry to its doom.  The two diseases that almost wiped out the Gros Michel industry were, the fungal disease fusarium, and The Panama disease.  Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. Infected the plants roots, the fungus was soilborn, says CNN.  Therefore, the if the bananas go extinct there will be less variety of fruits to eat.  Hopefully this disease will not make the bananas go extinct.



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Can We Stop the Banana Extinction?